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Can I have injuries even though there is hardly any damage to my car?

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ABSOLUTELY……Whiplash pain can be much different from other types of injuries. 

When a car accident is severe, the pain generally comes on right away. But, if the injury is mild or moderate, sometimes it takes a days, weeks, or even months for the pain to be felt.  And, sometimes it is only stiffness of the muscles or joints.

There are a lot of factors that determine the extent of injury following a low speed collision:

  1. Position of the head and neck
  2. How hard was the brain smashed against the skull.
  3. Overall size of passenger
  4. Gender of the passenger
  5. Age of the passenger- Children receive the worst injuries and have the least pain.
  6. Position of the body
  7. Size of the car
  8. And many more

Insurance companies have done a brilliant job! They have brainwashed folks in believing that if your car is not too badly damaged, then you are not badly injured.

They even say that if you claim any injuries from a minor wreck, most likely you have a fraudulent claim!

The truth is completely different.

Low speed collisions cause injuries 100% of the time. 

You may or may not have pain right away, but I guarantee you will have pain eventually. Because brain, spine and tissues are not made of metal. They are very fragile and delicate.

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