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Decoding Auto Accident Injury Claims: Doctors, Lawyers, and Insurance Companies Unmasked

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Are the Insurance companies the bad guys?

Auto accident injury claim involves 3 main professional groups:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Auto Insurance companies

Most doctors (Chiropractors and or Medical doctors) who call themselves whiplash/injury experts lack even the most basic skills required to accurately diagnose, treat and document a patient after a car accident. Chiropractors, family doctors, neurologists and orthopedists maybe competent physicians in their respective fields, but that does not make them Injury specialists. 

What irks me is the facade they display in order to lure a patient after a car accident. 

For example, the most common and most concerning injuries involving a car accident are Traumatic Brain Injury and Ligamentous laxity. Over 80% of these self-proclaimed injury experts have no training or even a clue on how to accurately diagnose, treat or document these 2 injuries.

And don’t get me started on the self-proclaimed PI attorneys. They are worse than the so-called injury doctors. 

Comparing an expert PI attorney to a self-proclaimed PI attorney is like comparing a SURGEON to a BUTCHER. They both carry knives and have blood on their hands, but totally different results.

And the more incompetent these so-called PI attorneys are the more arrogant, the more ignorant and the more dishonest they are. 

Insurance Companies while greedy and very bottom-line motivated, they are the most “by-the-book” of the group.

Insurance companies follow guidelines, protocols and professional standards much better than these pretentious injury doctors and or lawyers.

They know the law much better than most PI lawyers.

And they know accepted Injury treatment protocols much better than most injury doctors.

However, please avoid dealing with them directly. Because if they see you coming without a genuine PI attorney, it is like a sheep walking into the lion’s den. They will rip you and your injury claim apart.