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Unveiling the Hidden Dangers: Car Accidents and the Impact on Brain, Spine, and Supportive Structures

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Car accidents cause HIDDEN injuries to the brain, spine and supportive structures.

Scientist like world renowned physicists and physicians Dr. Punjabi and Dr. White published their research and concluded the following:

“At 8.2 MPH rear end accident, the Gravitational Units of force (G forces) to the occupant’s head and neck is 2 ½ times greater than the bumper of the car”

Here is why……………..

The linear force needed to cause one car to rear end another car creates 3 forms of ENERGY;

  1. Sound Energy: We hear the crash sound
  2. Heat Energy: Cars’ bumpers feel warm.
  3. Kinetic Energy: Objects get thrown around violently.

Research shows that most of the energy is transmitted into Kinetic ENERGY.

Remember that Kinetic energy MOVES things around.

And since today’s cars are build solid, the passengers absorb most of this kinetic energy. And hence the passengers use seatbelts, their head and neck end up absorbing 90% of kinetic energy.

Therefore, the great doctors concluded:

“At 8.2 MPH, the G forces to the passengers’ heads and necks are 2 ½ times greater than to the G forces absorbed by the bumpers”

It is this tremendous force that may cause great injuries to the brain, the jaw, the neck, mid back, lower back, the pelvis, the hips, the knees, the wrists, the muscles, the ligaments, the nerves, the capsules, the joints, etc. 

The actual aches and pains may take up to 6 months to surface.

Always get immediately examined by a trained Injury specialist. 

Don’t wait until the big pains show up!!! It might be too late then.