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How can I receive maximum settlement for my car accident?

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Rear View Of Female Motorist With Head Injury Getting Out Of Car After Crash

The short answer: 

Call us at 816-886-9905 or visit and we will help explain everything and answer any questions you may have.

The Longer answer:

The law requires all insurance carriers to provide the following minimum benefits per passenger:

  1. Minimum of $25000 from at fault driver’s insurance.
  2. Minimum of $25000 for underinsured claim.
  3. Minimum of $25000 for uninsured claim.
  4. And possibly several layers of other benefits.

Here is how to qualify to receive the above maximum benefits:

  1. Must go to ER within 48 hours of your car accident.
  2. Must call your own insurance and report your accident.
  3. Ask your insurance if you have PIP or Med-pay benefits and ask the amount.
  4. Must see and injury specialist within 2 weeks of the crash. Your family doctor and family chiropractor are competent physicians in their fields, but they are not injury specialists. It takes an injury specialist to make sure all your injuries (hidden and obvious) are diagnosed, treated and documented.
  5. Top rated attorneys work with these injury specialists regularly. Your specialist’s clinic will arrange for you consult one of the best PI trial attorneys in Kansas City. 

     Nowadays, every attorney calls himself a PI attorney. Not true.

     Insurance companies rate these attorneys and only the highest rated attorneys will have best chances of getting you the most cash monies.