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Going to the injury treatment center of kansas city over the last couples months was the best decision ever. I feel like a whole new person leaving this treatment center. I thought I was going in for a simple adjustment but got more than I expected. The treatment I received in the last couple months has been amazing. The doctors put on at least 4 different machines for my back pain. Dr. Zenner and Dr. Dennis Anthony are very knowledgeable, informative, helpful and professional. It was obvious that they are concerned about my overall health. That speaks volumes. There very passionate about there patients living a healthy lifestyle, which I truly appreciate. The staff was pleasant and the environment was very clean. I would definitely recommend the injury treatment center of kansas city in westport to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Thank you to tis wonderful team for there services.

Río Avatar Río
February 27, 2023

Me and my bf got into a car accident while I was 9 months pregnant and they helped us out a lot got both of us feeling a lot better

Gabriella Renee Avatar Gabriella Renee
February 24, 2023

Absolutely the best staff and Doctors!! I went from pain and immobility to functioning at my best! I was even able to take 2.5 mile hike with my family. In August, I could barely walk around the yard before my back and neck gave out. I can turn to look at people on my right AND my left! ?that’s amazing. Thank you for saving my life!

Valerie Mackey Avatar Valerie Mackey
February 3, 2023

I got into a rear-end collusion on the road a while back and didn't really know where to go or where to start as far as getting tested or getting looked at by a medical professional and the worry about paying out of pocket, but the guys at ITC really made it easy for me to get in the door and get treated. The high level Professionalism that this group have with their service is bar none! I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone.

anthony lipai Avatar anthony lipai
February 3, 2023

My experience was great. I actually enjoyed going. Highly recommend if you was injured in an accident. Very friendly environment and they listen to your concerns. Resourceful with recommendations as well. I have nothing but positive words.

Lecrisha Bly Avatar Lecrisha Bly
February 3, 2023

Nice, friendly, and accommodating staff. I had to move appointments around often and it was never an issue for them. Love the stim and adjustments.

Jared Lyle Avatar Jared Lyle
February 3, 2023

I have had very good experience. Each of my visit leaves me feeling much better.

Jacob Okullo Avatar Jacob Okullo
February 3, 2023

great place to get treated great staff and help you to get better after the accident

bijan siadati Avatar bijan siadati
February 3, 2023

5 stars. Great atmosphere. Great drs and help. Highly recommend.

Michael Myers Avatar Michael Myers
February 3, 2023

Great doctors, great staff! Chyanne was so helpful!

Ceyonte Bell Avatar Ceyonte Bell
February 3, 2023

Great place with great doctors! Loved it here!

Shun Williams Avatar Shun Williams
February 3, 2023

The staff is great! I’ve had an issue with anything here.

Sandra Escobar Avatar Sandra Escobar
February 3, 2023

Nice Place to come for treatment!!! Comfortable

Anthony Johnson Avatar Anthony Johnson
February 3, 2023

Wonder staff members at the treatment center

kam woods Avatar kam woods
February 3, 2023

I was here today! The moment I walked in I knew I was in great hands because my first impression was very welcoming and everyone I met there were so professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring, attentive, and helpful. They explained each step in a way I could understand and everything that’s to come next. I highly recommend them, especially to first timers in the motor vehicle accidents.

Manju Gurung Avatar Manju Gurung
November 3, 2022

First time ever I've been in a car accident. Didn't know what to do and all I thought was to get the car fixed. DO NOT MINIMIZE YOUR PAIN and go to these guys. You deserve all of your benefits. They will walk through the process with you hand in hand and make sure you get everything that you deserve so that you can go back to living life to the fullest. Thank you Rich, Cynthia, Caleb, Baylor, and rest of team for providing a hassle free process towards recovery and claim management.

Gregory Choong Avatar Gregory Choong
October 3, 2022

This place is the only place I will continue to be treated at any time someone hits my car ! I had multiple car accidents with in the last 2 years , I was diagnosed with a TBI ,so my brain was not working right , I was not my self I would come in upset some days and they still understood my issues , that was a big deal for me ! I could barely keep up with appointments , I’m so scared to drive in the rain each day it rained they rescheduled my appointment without a problem. I had to drop out of school so I was depressed they understand that as well , I consider them like family ! Richard is amazingly pleasant I looked forward to speaking with him each visit . I want to send him a shout out for working on my behalf. Cynthia is so sweet and kind hearted I enjoyed her company and massages! This group of amazing people will help you get through the tough times and good’s times Caleb,Channel,and Baylor.and I can’t forget the Doctors ,Dr. Calderon he is down to earth and a all around genuine person ! Thanks for everything you guys do

Tawanda Jones Avatar Tawanda Jones
September 3, 2022

The staff is great and very loving. ITC is the best at what they do! Big shoutout to Dr. Calderon, Dr. Stevenson, Dr. Zafer, Dr. Lieberman, Yesenia, Caleb, Josey, Baylor, Mariam, Cynthia, Natalie, Eric, Richard, Weis and last but not least…. Khalid!

Rich Avatar Rich
September 3, 2022

I had a great experience at ITC . The staff was very polite and helpful with any questions I had for them. And were thorough with everything they did. I would highly recommend them to anyone .

Brian Randall Avatar Brian Randall
September 3, 2022

By far the best injury treatment I been to! It’s family friendly and the workers there are pleasant to work and talk to!

Mohamed Abdi Avatar Mohamed Abdi
September 3, 2022

Professional... Courteous ...staff is top notch, Cynthia,Caleb,Channel,Richard and Baylor....treated my nephew and myself with the utmost respect. Explained each procedure and it's function where we could understand what was going on. * I'd invite them to the Barbeque*. Thanks!

r l sayles jr Avatar r l sayles jr
August 3, 2022

Recommend! The workers make you feel like home and are so nice and funny<3

Jazlynn Pineda Avatar Jazlynn Pineda
August 3, 2022

I finished treatment today at ITC and I can sincerely say I'll miss these guys! My daughter and I were involved in a hit and run accident and I was referred to ITC for treatment. They took care of us from day 1 by being attentive and making sure we were comfortable during our visits. Everyone at ITC has been very respectful and they always said hello and made us feel welcome as soon as we walked through the door. I highly recommend ITC to anyone seeking treatment after a car accident. I want to say many thanks to Cynthia and Baylor for the hard work you guys put in daily. Thanks also to Richard and the rest of the guys at the front desk for being so understanding with my schedule changes! Lastly, special thank you to Dr. Calderon for being so calm and patient with all your customers. I wish you guys continued growth & success at ITC!

Felicia McDonald Avatar Felicia McDonald
March 3, 2022

I had a good experience at ITC. I hurt my neck & back in a bad wreck but with their treatment I’m feeling way better. Staff was top tier. 10/10. The ladies were amazing. So supportive and friendly. Doctors were beyond great. They were very knowledgeable and explained everything well and answered any concerns & questions i had which made me feel comfortable. Truly appreciate everyone there! Loved it there! They really make a great team. Definitely gonna recommend this treatment center to family and friends.

Samira A Avatar Samira A
March 3, 2022

My first experience after become a victim of a car accident. All doctors and staffs are very helpful and have positive attitude. They are taking good care of me, while I’m getting treatment. I will definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

Van Lor Avatar Van Lor
March 3, 2022

I Recommend ITC to anyone needing treatment after an injury. The team their is friendly, and takes good care of you. They have me feeling much better than before. Thank u for your commitment towards my care!

Richie Rich Avatar Richie Rich
March 3, 2022

I was referred thru another medical service center after still feeling effects of a year plus auto accident. The staff is very friendly, welcoming, and attentive. The treatment regime is just phenomenal. I started feeling improvement from the first treatment. I always leave feeling satisfied.

Kerry Hyre Avatar Kerry Hyre
March 3, 2022

I highly recommend Dr. Zafer and ITC for a car accident. They help you with the insurance process and more importantly get you feeling better. The staff is kind and professional as well. If you've been in a wreck, I 100% recommend going to ITC.

Mark Grover Avatar Mark Grover
March 3, 2022

I was rear-ended twice in July 2019. I was diagnosed with 4 bulging disks. and treated by a chiropractor and an Ortho doctor through December 2019. I continued to experience low back pain that radiated down my legs. The pain was exacerbated by the cold Winter weather, whic caused me to miss 6 days of work. I was referred to ITC. Since coming to ITC, I can walk, sleep, and work without feeling any pain most days. The doctots and staff are caring, compassionate, and professional. You feel like welcomed every time you enter the building. I love it here and I'm grateful for the entire team.

Carla Shepard Avatar Carla Shepard
March 3, 2022

They were always there for me they were blessing I enjoyed coming here because they thought of people instead of it just being a job they are good people

Jeff Howard Avatar Jeff Howard
March 3, 2022

The help there are amazing and I would highly recommend going if you had been in a car accident. They will help you out a lot!!!

angela hines Avatar angela hines
March 3, 2022

All staff there are wonderful! They gave me the best care! Highly recommend!

vanessa perez Avatar vanessa perez
March 3, 2022

This place is so good I would re-injure my back again just to come back!! The staff was really nice and my back feels a lot better 10/10

sydney frazier Avatar sydney frazier
March 3, 2022

The best treatment center ever!! It's lots of LOVE

Leslie Richards Avatar Leslie Richards
March 3, 2022

The staff an doctors are great. The ladies get along good, no DRAMA. They are super helpful an very nice. I have a good time there. Some days are very busy. But they don’t let it stop or mess up there day. They are always patient an always keep a smile on there face. Thanks ladies for always making the end of my day GREAT!!!!!!!

TaQuitra Fleming Avatar TaQuitra Fleming
March 3, 2021

I started coming here after I was a victim in an auto accident in December 2020. I initially didn't get checked out but now I'm glad I did. I'm only on my second full week of treatment & I definitely feel the difference. The staff is great & personable. Everything is kept clean & smelling good. I can't wait to see how I feel once my treatment is complete!

Tasha Haney Avatar Tasha Haney
March 3, 2021

This office is one of kind!! The ladies here are amazing so patience and kind hearted never a attitude! Baylor is awesome too to be in a office with majority woman!! Dr. Stevenson is a one of a kind he is so patient and actually cares about his patients and knows how to calm already high agitations!! So far treatment is going well we were late on treatment due to negligence on the hospital after our accident and the doctors diagnosed injuries the hospitals missed !! We havnt been enough times to see if they actually work yet but definitely recommend for the ongoing care and treatment!!

Alyssa Thompson Avatar Alyssa Thompson
March 3, 2021

I've been coming here for 4 weeks straight now. I feel much better because of the exceptional and quality service of Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Khalifa, who've helped me get better. Dr Zafer is great as well. They're so accommodating, working with my busy scheduled and helping me rescheduled when neccessary. I can't complete without mentioning Wendy, the associate who is very patient, professional and helpful to the patients. They make you feel like home. Thank you so much Injury Treatment Centers of KC?

Zabu Nyirenda Avatar Zabu Nyirenda
March 3, 2021

This is a great place for any treatment needed after an injury. I high recommend their services. All of the staff is friendly & helpful. They are very knowledgeable. They have help alleviate any worry while recovering & working through the detail of my car accident.

Melina Alford Avatar Melina Alford
March 3, 2021

I recommend this place to anyone needing treatment after an injury. I almost didn’t get treatment after my car accident, but am glad I did because their team of doctors and therapists have got me feeling much better. Thank you for your dedication towards my care!

Brandi Hutchison Avatar Brandi Hutchison
March 3, 2021

Good Morning All, for the first time since this serious wreck I’ve slept all night long! When Dr. Zafer found out I was in an auto accident, and noticed when I stood up from the chair that my hip went out he and his team took action! You don’t know many doctors that have that kind of compassion! I was examined and treated for the first time yesterday since the accident in January. I had no health insurance, and thought this pain was just another thing I had to survive since by the grace of God I lived after hitting a light pole so hard it broke! Yesterday not only was I educated, and things made more sense as why I had experienced imbalance, confusion, blurred vision, restless sleep besides pain that not many knew I WAS living with! Found out if I didn’t get treatment that in five years I’d end up in a wheelchair ? however God works in mysterious ways, and thankfully that won’t happen! This morning I’m mind blown after just one treatment with how much on the difference! Just one ??! If you’re suffering silently, don’t! You have two years to get help which most insurance companies will not inform you about! Call the clinic, and let them know I’ve referred you!!! Much Love ❤️??❤️

Valerie Woehler Avatar Valerie Woehler
March 3, 2021

Last year, I have been in a car accident, ever since the accident, I have been suffering from headaches, dizziness, neck pain, and back pain, and my left leg as well. and because all that, I have been having difficulty walking, working, concentrating, and sleeping. I was referred to Injury Treatment Center on Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO. When I met the team of doctors and chiropractic physicians, they made me feel at ease, and made me pain free with in 2 weeks. I you get in a car accident, and you have pain, you owe it to your self to visit Injury Treatment Center, 1622 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO. In case you need an attorney, they would know the best attorneys that would take care of you. Thanks to the best team in Kansas City. Fariz Turkmani

Fariz Turkmani Avatar Fariz Turkmani
March 3, 2021

They are a great team of Doctor's, very dedicated knowledgeable and friendly. They make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I always look forward to my next visit I would highly recommend there sevices.

Bryan Ray Avatar Bryan Ray
March 3, 2021

Injury Treatment Centers is the absolute best treatment for any auto accident. All the doctors and staff take their time and really want to assure good treatment for later down the line. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing Injury treatment. Thank you to all of them!!!

A Kay Avatar A Kay
March 3, 2021

Iam Very IMPRESSED on how the Svc is here! Everyone here is a Professional PERIOD!! They are Very Nice and really care abt You getting better and making sure Ur taking Care of.. I'm Loving it!! If You been in a Accident I would say come to ITC and see for Urself... I did.

Avont'e foster Avatar Avont'e foster
March 3, 2021

After my 1st treatment i felt such a great relief, i tried many things and nothing seemed to work, But the treatment was great for my back and i was able to sleep through the night without any pain, thank you !!

Wendy Corral Avatar Wendy Corral
March 3, 2021

This is a great place doctors a staff r super friendly and knows what there doing I really appreciate the care. I would recommend them to anyone and bet my last that they would enjoy it

Jacqulynn Morrow Avatar Jacqulynn Morrow
March 3, 2021

My family and I are so happy we came here! Since we have been coming to ITC we have noticed a tremendous improvement in our health & attitudes. Not only do we get adjusted but we get a message therapy & customized exercises to help utilize the adjustments to their fullest potential! When we get adjusted Dr. Zafer & Dr. Stevenson listen to us & ask where we are in pain. The people who work here are so friendly with everyone. We are really thankful we have them in our life’s and make us feel better! We strongly encourage other people to come see for themselves!

Stephanie Gomez Avatar Stephanie Gomez
March 3, 2020

Very skilled and competent. Experienced and knowledgeable with full service for auto injuries. Your auto insurance pays them directly. No deductible or copay. Plus assistance with filing claims for pain and suffering with good attorneys. One MD and two Chiropractors. Being treated there for 2 months. Feeling much better. Highly recommend to any one injured in an auto accident.

Anand DeSouza Avatar Anand DeSouza
March 3, 2020