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ITC has partner injury clinics in North Kansas City, South Kansas City, Grandview, and Lee’s Summit.

ITC would like to invite you to meet our physicians and tour our injury clinic

ITC is owned and operated by MEDICAL and CHIROPRACTIC physicians. We provide invasive and non-invasive medical pain management, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and injury rehabilitation. 

ITC staff physicians and its affiliates are highly trained in assessing and documenting mild traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, and neuromusculoskeletal injuries that are typically associated with low-speed collisions. Our physicians and its affiliates are fully trained on Colossus and similar injury claim assessment software.


Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


ITC is the ONLY injury clinic in Kansas City that objectively tests mTBI with FDA Cleared EEG/ERP machine

EEG/ERP is analyzed and reported by our Medical Neurologist


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How Does the EEG/ERP Diagnose mTBI?

Our FDA-cleared EEG/ERP is used by neurologists and major pharmaceutical companies. It’s an in-office protocol for evaluation of Altered Mental Status, which can include concussion or TBI, post-concussion syndrome, and dementia.

ERP stands for Event Related Potential. An event-related potential is the measured brain response that is the direct result of a specific sensory, cognitive, or motor event. An ERP measures brain electrical activity time-locked to a specific event during the EEG ( Electro Encephlogram) for better identification of injury. Often, concussion results from micro trauma resulting from stretched axons and neurons and chemical changes not evidenced on CT or MRI.

Up until now, neurologists and injury specialists were diagnosing mild and moderate traumatic brain injury through patient consultation, subjective findings, and TBI questionnaire assessments. The utilization of this method were scrutinized by many, and the results were argued to be non-reliable and non-reproduceable.

EEG/ERP testing totally changes the game!


We are the best at what we do…

  • MD & DC Injury Specialists: Our physicians are highly trained in diagnosis, documentation, treatment, prognosis, and impairment rating of accident related injury cases.

  • Medical Pain Management: On-site invasive and non-invasive medical pain management procedures available.

  • Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery: Patients have access to be seen by top surgeons who accept medical liens.

  • Anesthesiology: Patients have access to be seen for epidural blocks and other pain management procedures provided by the anesthesiologist who accept medical liens.

  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnostics: ITC uses the first FDA cleared EEG/ERP  to objectively measure and diagnose mTBI.  The test results are analyzed and signed off by our medical neurologist.

  • AMA Guidelines: Our medical physician implements specific AMA guidelines for patient’s prognosis and impairment rating to the body as a whole.

  • Colossus and Other Claim Assessment Softwares: All injury settlements are calculated using Colossus and/or 70-80 other different claim evaluation softwares. It takes very highly trained and disciplined clinic and staff to apply these claim evaluation standards and requirements for the diagnosis and treatment of injury case management.  We understand the bottom line.

  • Medical Summary Reports (MSR): MSR is a narrative report of the patient’s symptom analysis, diagnosis, treatment, impairment rating, and prognosis generated and signed by our MD.

  • Transportation: ITC understands why it’s important to provide transportation.

  • Multiple Clinic Locations: ITC has partner clinics throughout Kansas City for your clients convenience. Each clinic is trained and required to provide quality care and attention to details.

  • Dr. Arthur Croft Whiplash Protocol: ITC and its affiliate clinics implement Dr. Croft’s protocol in the diagnosis, injury grading, and treatment. His model has been accepted as the authority worldwide as the standard of care in treating and managing car crash injuries.

What is Medical Summary Report (MSR)?

And How Does it Affect My Client’s Settlement?

MSR is a MD generated narrative report of symptom analysis, diagnosis, treatment, impairment rating, and prognosis geared to meet Colossus questions and requirements. Since the MVSR is generated and signed off by our medical physician, Colossus must accept ALL value drivers reported, and is unable to reject any value drivers in order to calculate the settlement amount. 

The MSR utilizes all subjective and objective value drivers and decision points outlined by Colossus and Colossus-like softwares. 


If you have a case that you are unable to negotiate higher amounts with the adjuster, we ask you to give us a call and let us generate you our MSR. You will see how Colossus accept those same value drivers when signed off by an MD. We have helped revive hundreds of such dead cases.   


MVA Injury Physicians Must Know Colossus

All injury settlements are calculated using Colossus and/or 70-80 other different claim evaluation softwares.

Research shows that less than 10% of clinics nationwide treating auto accident injuries are trained about Colossus and its proper utilization by the insurance companies assessing injury claims.

Unfortunately, while Colossus is their bread and butter, most attorneys are not trained in Colossus either. We know Colossus inside and out. We train all of our patients’ attorneys about Colossus.

These attorneys master legal applications of Colossus “value drivers”, how to incorporate those “value drivers” with the “Demand Letter”, and settlement negotiation. They achieve phenomenal results!

If the patient’s/client’s medical records do not answer the Colossus questionnaires; it is impossible to secure maximum policy limits for pain and suffering.

ITC has a large network of medical specialists who will work off a medical lien.

ITC has a Medical Summary Report (MSR) report performed on all eligible patients.

ITC has multiple locations. We have several partner clinics throughout Kansas City for client/patient convenience.

ITC provides training to attorneys on Colossus and IMV value drivers and how it helps settle policy maximum.

We would like to invite you to ITC to meet our physicians and tour our clinic. You will also see sample patient files and how we examine, treat, and document injury cases.

Colossus Trained Physicians

Our team of physicians have had advanced training in diagnosing and documenting impairment ratings, duties under duress, loss of enjoyment of life and future treatment recommendations. These are the categories that Colossus has rated as high value drivers used to determine the settlement value.

Medical Summary Reports

Colossus accepts the highest value drivers such as certain impairment ratings and prognosis from MDs only.  This is why all of our patients cases are co-managed by MDs and DCs. Upon completion of treatment, our staff MD reviews all available records and generates a MSR narrative addressing all categories required by Colossus.

Multiple Locations

ITC has partnered with several other injury clinics throughout the metro. These joint patients have FULL access to our medical team including; on-site Nurse Practitioner, ITC’s team of specialists, Medical Validation Summary Reports, EEG/ERP evaluation for closed-head injuries, and both invasive and non-invasive pain management.