We have over 3000 car accident injuries in the greater Kansas City area every month.

Over 80% of the passengers of these car crashes are not properly examined or treated for their hidden injuries. This is exactly why these passengers do not receive the cash settlements they are entitled after the accident.

And here is why……….

Majority of the passengers in low speed accidents (8-60) MPH don’t feel a lot of aches and pains within the first 3-6- months of the crash. So, they don’t go to ER and they don’t get checked by an injury specialist.

A few passengers who do seek care end up going to their family doctors or family chiropractors. While these physicians are competent in their respective fields, they have limited or no training in diagnosing, treating and documenting injuries to the brain, spine, and general whiplash injuries after a car accident.

Insurance companies use specialized injury claim assessment software like colossus, XM, and 86 others to calculate how much money they should pay you after the accident. And your family doctors and family chiropractors have no CLUE about these colossus-like, or the exam, treatment and documentation protocols needed to ensure you receive maximum cash settlement for your injuries.

Injury Treatment Centers of Kansas City is a team of medical and chiropractic physicians who are highly trained in all aspects of auto accident injuries. Call us 816-886-9005 and we will help guide you through every step, or visit us on www.injurytreatmentcenterofkc.com.

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