You will get a very honest answer and prospective here. Because this blog is provided by physicians and not attorneys.

Personal Injury or PI attorneys are those attorneys who specialize in representing injured victims after their car accident. Unfortunately, most of the attorneys claiming to be PI attorneys lack the most fundamental training and knowledge on how to comprehensively represent the injured victims. And by the way, just because you see their names on TV, doesn’t necessarily mean they have the correct training to be a competent PI attorney. 

And the insurance companies know who these incompetent attorneys are, and they love them all.

The insurance companies will never pay these incompetent attorneys the kind of money your case deserves. 

Here is the best way to find the top-rated PI attorneys:

  1. All Injury Specialists work with Top-Rated PI attorneys. So, make sure you are being treated by an injury specialist like the physicians we have at Injury Treatment Centers of Kansas City. Call us at 816-886-9005 or visit us
  2. If you do bypass the injury specialists, make sure to do extensive research and consult with at least 5 PI attorneys before you hire one. Ask them to review your case and get back with you with their plan and how they will get you maximum settlement.
  3. Go on-line and review the attorney on Johnson and Jackson County court dockets. See how many cases they have litigated. Your bad ones never sue the insurance and always settle. A good PI attorney will litigate at least 3-4 cases a year. An above average PI attorney will litigate more than 5 cases a year. Your below average attorneys may litigate up to 2 cases a year. Do not pick your attorney based on the name of the law firm, but based on the attorneys name. For example, XYZ Law Firm may be rated high, but the employee attorney they have assigned your case to may be a below-average attorney. Insurance companies always strategize based on the attorney handling the case, not the law firm.
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